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mimao 7th anniversary

miMaO turns 7 years!!!

Seven years making the most comfortable shoe! But what have we prepared for you? Fisrtly FREE SHIPPING FOR ALL ORDERS!! Secondly but not least DAILY GIVEAWAY.Yes, it's right, everyday you can WIN a product of the famous pink doll that made us dream in childhood


7 years of spanish crfatsmanship

We are a brand that defends Made in Spain value. This value shows our commitment to quality and crafts in every pair of shoes. We create trendy designs following fashion lastest news.
A wide variety of colors, which represents the joy of color. But what really distinguishes us is our comfort. Each pair of shoes is designed with maximum comfort in mind for those who wear them. This is achieved by combining artisanal tradition with the latest comfort technologies adapted to each shoe.

We celebrate seven years of style and elegance at miMaO! On this seventh anniversary of our brand specialized in women's footwear, we want to thank all our loyal customers for their unwavering support. To express our gratitude, we are excited to announce an exciting giveaway of exclusive products. During this anniversary week, you will have the opportunity to win some products from the famous doll for girls and not so girls, who has made us dream.

This season... ALL TO PINK!!!


All orders placed during the anniversary will automatically participate in the Giveaway for a daily product. So participating is very simple, exclusively with your order. (Yes, each pair of shoes is an extra participation)

The winners will be updated daily on the website and announced via live video on our social networks, so don't miss them!!

* returned orders will be removed from the draw
* the winner will have one month to claim their prize
* the duration of the draw will be from 09/23/2023 to 10/01/2023

We want this anniversary to be unforgettable, so don't miss the opportunity to show off miMaO shoes in style.
Join us as we celebrate seven years of fashion and comfort. Thank you for being part of the miMaO family. We hope you continue walking with us for many more years!

giveaway winners

  • SATURDAY 23th: Javier González #897140
  • SUNDAY 24th: Silvia Cagigas #897490 
  • MONDAY 25th: María Alonso Carrión #898070
  • TUESDAY 26th: Tatiana Sánchez Villar #898775
  • WEDNESDAY 27th: María Luisa Del Amo #899216