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Tips and tricks to take care of your miMaO shoes

How do I know which is the perfect size for me?

When we buy a shoe online, not being able to try it on, we often doubt what size is appropriate for us. And if it's too big for me? What if it's small for me?... Here we explain which method to use to find your ideal size.

How do I clean my miMaO suede leather shoes?

Suede shoes are very stylish and elegant, but many times we are reluctant to buy them because we think that they are difficult to care for. Here's a video to show you that maintenance is easier than you think! Methods to clean suede that will be very useful.

How to properly store my shoes and keep them perfect?

How many times have you gone to take out last season's shoes and found them in poor condition or cracked? This is what can happen to us if we do not properly maintain our footwear from one year to the next. Find out here how to take care of your leather shoes and store them so that they are always like new!

How can I prevent chafing and blisters on my feet?

Many times, when we wear shoes for a long time, or shoes that are too big or too small for us, wounds or blisters can appear on our feet or ankles. We explain how to avoid those scratches to be able to take care of your feet perfectly!

How do I clean my esparto shoes so that they look like new?

The esparto footwear is ideal for the spring and summer season, but with use, sometimes the jute wedge can get stained. Don't worry! We leave you very effective home remedies to leave your esparto soles clean as the first day.

How can I widen my leather shoes?

Have you bought miMaO shoes and, just when you went to wear them for the first time, have you noticed that they are a bit tight? If they are a bit tight and one more size comes out, you can give them up with these easy and very effective tricks.

How can I get my miMaO shoes to fit perfectly on my foot if they have stretched out?

Your favorite miMaO shoes have given way and you don't know how to fix it? Don't worry. In this video we leave you some tips to reduce the size of your leather footwear with materials that we all have at home. Super simple and useful!

How can I clean my white leather sneakers?

White sneakers are a must have in our closets at any time of the year, but they often get dirty quickly. Here are some tips so you know how to clean them and always leave them as new.

How can I remove the bad smell from my shoes?

When we have to wear shoes for many hours or use them in very hot weather, our feet tend to sweat, generating an unpleasant odor in our shoes. We leave you some tricks to eliminate this stench and leave your shoes fresh again and with a pleasant aroma.